Insurance and Pensions for 2015

What is Socially Responsible Investment?

British Insurance and Pensions have made their reputation in the field of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). We are widely acknowledged as one of the leading SRI advisers in the UK (and EEC) and have made a considerable contribution to the growth of ethical and environmental investment in the past decade.

We Continues to work closely with fund managers to open up the SRI market to more investors and to have a positive, global impact on environmental and social corporate behaviour.

Refurbished laptops We list the Soil Association, Triodos Bank, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Friends of the Earth amongst our clients. We also have a number of charity investment clients, including The Teachers Support Network (TSN).

Holden Meehan were also the first Carbon Neutral independent financial adviser in the world, are a partner in Green Futures (the magazine of Forum for the Future) and are co-sponsors of the annual Bristol Schumacher Lectures.

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