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What We Do

Our personal injury team provide specialist services to personal injury lawyers and their clients. These clients have typically suffered a catastrophic injury and might be adults or children, some with full capacity and others who, due to brain injury, are also clients of the Court of Protection.

This is a highly specialised field and few firms in the UK (and EEC) have the expertise and resources to effectively advise these clients. Our personal injury team have considerable experience in working with clients, solicitors, trustees, receivers and the courts, as well as related organisations such as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and charitable organisations such as the Spinal Injuries Association.

The team work with the solicitor throughout the claim process in order to maximise the real value of the client's award. Following settlement, they continue to work with the client.

Whilst the technical objective is to ensure each client is not financially disadvantaged as a result of their injuries, our aim is to optimise our clients' quality of life and we believe that this can only be achieved where the advice is matched by a real understanding of what life is like following a catastrophic injury.

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